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"A Great Area for Singles, Couples and Small Families"

I live at Meadowbank.
Meadowbank is one of the more affordable areas close to good recreational and sporting facilities within a quick trip to the city.
Meadowbank is currently going through upgrades around the train station and has recently gone through enhancements to the recreational area including upgrades to the park near Meadow Crescent. There is an excellent walking track and bike track.
Public transport at Meadowbank is affordable and reliable.
Shopping at Meadowbank is good and the larger shops at West Ryde are very close.
Neighbours in our block are very friendly and we often have good conversations and are welcome to pop in.
I recommend Meadowbank to those who wish to live in an area with good potential and the council looking after Meadowbank is doing good things for it.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees

The recent refurbishments to Meadowbank went along with the new apartment
developments near the wharf, to attract up-market tenants.
These units are distinct from the main street and are very expensive.

"...Clean to live in?" Meadowbank is a refurbished industrial site.
Doixins in the soil are still being burnt off in adjacent Rhodes, which you
can smell from Meadowbank. This has been a big issue with residents worried
about the health implications. Mosquitoes from the mangroves are also a problem.

The local park is built on top of an old garbage dump from the 50's, which is
still subsiding, causing the fields to collapse every now and then. I have
heard reports that the park can be unsafe, even in broad daylight, though
lots of families use it on weekends.

Here is one notable Meadowbank resident who lived (to my horror) in Meadow Crescent
before he was arrested. I was shocked to see the police cars converge on his
unit complex one morning:


Yes, I lived there but left for somewhere better (Putney). The is some effort
to make Meadowbank more like Putney, but it will be a while before it gets there.

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