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Faisal Mehmood

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"A real review."

Most people who review here write false reviews because they are invested in the area. I have lived in the area and could not get out faster. Please do actual data based research and you will see not everything is as rosy as it seems. Tarneit and Truganina are quickly becoming crime and gang dens. Here are crime stats:

From Last Year:
Total crimes are up 26% out of which Robbery is up 290%
Drug Offense is up 33%

You can look this data up yourself here:

Great for

  • None

Not great for

  • At the moment nead to take a Bus to the nearest Railway station
  • Hoons
  • Crime rate

Have to say this is correct. A ton of investors leaving glowing reviews to dupe buyers into thinking it's a safe sub to raise their families. You do NOT want your kids growing up in this area, it's like the ghetto/bronx equivalent. Gang & drug related crime is out of control!


More population = more
Crime/drug use. That can be said about any suburb


Your comments are very uninformed and slandering. Unless you have $1mill+ to move into a eastern suburb, every suburb on outer rims of Melbourne are the same


Statistics don't always tell us the full truth. There may have been 1 robbery in 1 year and then the following year there were 3. That might be portrayed as crime up by 200% where in fact the crime rate is very low. But hey, don't take my word for it. Come and see for yourself.


Faisal can you please write a review of suburb where you living.


And if you dont want to catch a bus to the train station, find a house closer to itpretty stupid to make that a con since every suburb would be the same. There is t a train Station around every corner


Totally agree with you Faisal. Look, the real estate agents are offended with someone writing a REAL review!


I own a house in Truganina and I have rented in South Yarra, Prahran and stkilda. I got punched by junkies that stole my wallet. I walk the pram around the streets and walk paths in Truganina and see other families doing the same, no junkies. Allura is a nice part of Truganina.

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