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Alicante Street

"Fresh mountain view with spirit of neighborhood"

When we came first time to Minchinbury, we were so stunning with the mountain view and accessible locations through M4, Great Western Hyw, and M7.
This area is old part of Minchinbury but has the best view as the houses are facing straight to Blue mountain, even in the winter time you will getting full of sun as a prefect place for garden lover.

If you need to catch Train to go to work, you can go either to Mt Druitt station or Rooty Hill station, any of them will will cost you 5 minutes journey only. I prefer Mt Druitt cause it has a lot of Express train. It took me 45 minutes from Mt druitt to City.

Your neighbours are very good people and quite multicultural, Oz, Philo, China, Indonesia, Malay, India, and some from european country.

If you are looking a place to raise a family, Minchinbury is the best man! the area is so secluded and categorized as estate area. Gas, Phone, Internet, and a lot of shops. And as a handyman, Minchinbury's Bunning is one of the complete Bunnings i've ever met.

The house price in this area is higher than its neighbours, like Rooty Hill, or mt Druitt, etc, but it's worth it. Top locations!

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