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"Watch this space"

Kelso abounds with untapped potential. On paper, it has it all: the river, the dam where rock wallabies come to play at sunset, civilised (and modern) suburbia, acreage and bushland. A drive down Riverway Drive (formerly Upper Ross River Road) towards the dam is a pleasant journey down tree-lined streets. It's a long way out from the city, but not far at all from the hub of Thuringowa Central. One day, Kelso will be a great place to live.
At present, though, it's a mixed bag. Flashy new houses rub shoulders with ... well ... hovels. Nice new cars in one driveway, old wrecks up on blocks just a street away. The key, if you want to live in Kelso, is to pick wisely. Look at the neighbours, and look at the surrounding streets. Look at the accessways (there are plenty of 'walk-throughs') to other neighbourhoods. If it's your cup of tea, the acreage out the back (Shetland Place, Hammond Way, Connemara Course, etc. as well as the Kelso Country Estate) is wonderful, and possibly the most accessible acreage in Townsville. If you're after something smaller, there's always the new part of the Rosewood Estate and River Parks. Otherwise, there's the old divide between the river side of Kelso and the inland side. There's plenty of good stuff to be had on the inland side, but the river side has the benefit of being one main road away from all the less desirables.

Great for

  • Leafy and pretty in places
  • Great acreage living
  • Close to hospital, Uni and Army barracks
  • Quiet and peaceful suburb

Not great for

  • Some very bad areas
  • No nightlife except the local pub

Who lives here?

  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Country Lovers
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