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Greenhills Beach
26th May 2021

"Plane noise and sewage smell"

You wouldn’t know it during COVID but this place is under a flight path and when flights are running to normal schedules, you can’t hear yourself think if you’re outside. Or inside for that matter if the windows or doors are open.

When a north/north east breeze is barely puffing, the suburb stinks from one of the states largest treatment works next door.
On top of these negatives, there must be a large excavation semi travelling down Captain Cook Drive every 30 seconds to a minute from dawn til dusk 6 days a week, and they are are all thundering until the approach to the Greenhills roundabout where they happily slow down from 80 kms per hr using their engine brakes.

This all mainly effects the northern (1st stage) side of Greenhills but the southern side isn’t much better and it’s narrow streets are now just a car park for the blow ins during the warmer months. Forget any on street parking on weekends in summer. It doesn’t exist!

Glad to have sold and got out of this over priced, overrated upper class ghetto that’s now known by the locals as stinky poo town.

Moved a few kms away where it’s not effected buy the higher density, the stink, the noise or the parking problems.

While I’m now having breakfast in a much nicer area, the Greenhills residents are smelling what I had for dinner the night before. Ha ha.

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