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Just now

"Noise and more noise"

We moved here (Jackson’s Landing) after years away in Europe and the noise at certain times of the day and night in our terrace one block from the water is horrendous by comparison to our flat in central London. Drunks, street sweepers, private refuse trucks, lunatics in hired Lamborghinis, workmen on their mobiles at 6 am, leaf blowers at 7, jack hammers from the never ending building works, cars just parked outside with the engine running while someone from somewhere else eats their lunch. Brain jarring music from loud parties every weekend. The people next door and behind had to be evicted for all night partying and illegal subletting. We’ve had our huge outdoor plants stolen and front hose stolen while we slept, the guy two doors down was robbed on a Saturday morning while at home. Friends in a penthouse unit were robbed and the so called 24 hour onsite security said the cctv camera was broken. And we’re nowhere near the Star. Honestly if you’re young and deaf it’s great, but if you’re over 35 with work commitments and needing a good night’s sleep, you should avoid the ‘family’ terraces and units on lower floors unless you’ve checked the windows are double glazed. Or move to Paddo, which is where we lived before and where we’re going back to.
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