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Just now

"if you're asian.. it's home.. if you're not... you're an alien."

I'm not Asian and I just want to get out of here.
This place has become little Vietnam quickly.
The temples that have gone up so quick prove that the government is either being bribed or they have done a deal with Asian investors to truly cement this place as Little Vietnam.
The residents know this too and if you aren't one of them they are arrogant and rude.
Dine in at any shop and guaranteed it's an Asian that runs it.
Their hospitality towards foreigners is very poor.
Come to think of it.. even towards themselves there isn't much of a "greet you with a smile"
The lane ways always smell as these Asian grocers are used to living the way they live back home... just throw all trash out the back. The standards of some shops are disgusting.
But as I said.. this is how they live back in Vietnam.. so no one except outsiders sees it as an issue.
Rats...... they've smart down here.... I saw one hot wiring a food truck the other day.... truck has not been seen since.
  • Asian food is good
  • Asian serive isn't
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