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"Shopping carts at Westfield"

Living in this area for 10 years, I have been seeing a lot of improvements in everything and it is a great and safe place to live generally speaking. Only problem I see is the theft of shopping trollies from the Westfield. It has been an issue for many years and seems that lots of people have complained to the council and Westfield but for some reasons no actions have been taken. I often walk to the Westfield for shopping or morning coffee etc.. and sometimes count the number of it for my amusement. I often spot more than 40 of them on the side roads, parks, train station ....only from the Westfield and my place in 15 min walk ! It is dangerous and might have caused some scratches on many cars over many years. I know it is not an issue of Hornsby but this issue looks very extensive here because of many apartments in this area.

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