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St Clair

"Affordable housing, nice area, but still Western Suburbs"

Positives of St Clair:

-Comparatively cheap housing prices
-Lovely houses
-Easy access and availability of shops
-Great land sizes
-Plenty of parks
-Abundance of public transport
-Great weather

Negatives of St Clair:

-It is primarily an Aussie suburb, which means there are still a lot of racist attitudes and "rough" people. (i.e., the type to get defensive or aggressive quick, own pitbulls, etc)...

-Plenty of hoons. Kids/young adults love to drive their cars at ridiculous speeds, do burnouts etc. Clearly their parents don't care, so this shows the mentality of some of the people you will be living with.

-Being a Western Suburb area means the quality of food is very poor and caters to the low socio-economic tastes and budget . Think McDonalds, KFC, Domino's, and other unhealthy takeaways. No quinoa salad, smoothie bowls, etc here. Food outlets are plentiful but the quality is poor. People here are resistant to change.

- Being outer west and so far from the city means that attitudes are still a bit in the "dark ages". E.g., It's more common than not for Medical Centers here to not have websites. Medical services are poor with outdated attitudes and service provision and lack innovation.

-long commute to Sydney CBD.

-lack of diversity.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
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