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"Great for parks and transport - not so great for eating out, shopping and accomodation"

When I first moved to Meadowbank I was pleased with the parks, the riverfront walkway and train and ferry stops close by. However, after living here for a couple of years it has lost it's sheen and I am ready to move on.

I live in Meadow Crescent, in one of the 60's buildings that are all along this street and I have to say they are not great, even when renovated (which ours is). Not only are alot of them ugly on the outside but any amount of renovations will not hide the fact they are poorly insulated and just plain run down. Whenever someone shuts a car door in the carpark below us the building rattles and you can't help but notice the old plumbing whenever someone uses a tap. Also,I am constantly cleaning my windows and home as a lot of dirt always blows in.
I think it's time a lot of these buildings were demolished and replaced with new ones.

There has been a few restaurants on the waterfront and in Shepherds Bay Shopping Centre that have closed down and the ones that are left are not that great. Luckily there are are few good restaurants in nearby West Ryde. The grocers at Shepherds Bay is good, especially the deli, however on more than a few occassions I have come across expired products in the Franklins store. I prefer shopping at the Woolworths in West Ryde where the service and products are better and only go to Franklins for last minute items. The medical centre in Shepherds Bay is clean and modern but I haven't returned after waiting an hour and a half to see a doctor, even though I had an appointment.

Neighbours are fairly friendly but everyone pretty much keeps to themselves and although I feel safe here I have noticed that there quite a few people who are obviously not mentally stable. The neighbourhood is pretty quiet at night, even on weekends.

I have to say, the only thing I will miss about Meadowbank is the lovely ferry trip to and from the city. Meadowbank has alot of potential with it's lovely parks, riverfront walkway and great transport links but it is distictly lacking a "village feel" that I personally prefer.

Great for

  • Train and Ferry stop
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