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"Great local vibe"

We bought in Eastlakes in March 2019, the house was modern and had a reasonably large garden for our kids, it had a wow factor, we didn't think we could ever afford anything like it so went for it. We were aware of the Eastlakes stigma - social housing, plane noise and no high achieving schools in the area, but we are really happy here. The local shopping center is run down - no surprises there - so what, we drive right up to the entrance find a park easily and get our shopping done quickly and at very reasonable prices- wont be long before the Crowns new development is complete - i quite like it the way it is!
We are right under the flight path and i was fearing the worst but 5 months later its not bad at all. A few planes a week fly right over our heads, noisy for around 10 seconds before the noise fades out, not a big deal for us. But most don't get noticed anymore, just part of inner city living. Im sure there are days, weeks even where we don't get any planes at all.
The streets are clean the locals are diverse and friendly, very family orientated and importantly i feel safe. Short drive to- Coogee beach, Centennial park, Rosebery cafes, Eastgarden shopping and Kingsford eateries, i consider them local., i can walk to Rosebery in 10 minutes.
I love our house and im glad we got in when we did. I have noticed large new houses being built in the area and can see it will change fast, especially when the new shops , cafes and restaurants are established.
Eastlakes has value, you get so much more for your money, all the negative ideas of the area has actually been positive for us.
Its afforded us a lovely home.

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