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"A town on the edge"

I moved to Lithgow to take a job about 3 years ago. I had lived in the surrounding area for 10 years and loved it but decided to move into town for convenience. I had always loved the community spirit I saw coming out of Lithgow. Unfortunately, in the time I have lived in or around Lithgow, I have seen a decreasing sense of hope and optimism in the town. Businesses are not expanding and new businesses rarely open or last very long.
I had to start looking for a new job at the beginning of this year and it has been impossible. There is little opportunity and, if you do get a job it will be poorly paid with little hope of career growth.
The real estate is affordable but that doesn't happen in truly desirable towns.
Yes, there are a lot of whingers. There's a reason for that too and it is patronising and unfair to be dismissive of it. This is a town of battlers. They are mostly good people who want to help but they are fighting a losing battle as the town dwindles rather than building on its potential. The inevitable is happening. Drugs are creeping in. Violence is becoming an issue. Crime is on the increase. Long straight streets make a great setting for drag racers and hoons.
It's not too late to save Lithgow but so far no-one seems as interested in doing the hard work as they are in bashing the "whingers". Sing optimism about beautiful physical settings and cheap housing isn't going to cut it.

Great for

  • Awesome views and camping
  • Great fishing
  • Stunning geographic location

Not great for

  • General attitudes of disdain to progress
  • The backwards Council stuck in reverse

Who lives here?

  • Tourists
  • Country Lovers
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