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"can be great but depends on which bit"

Kedron is a pretty big suburb. We brought here to be close to our relatives who live near the avenues. Down in that area kedron is indeed an attractive place to live. Sadly the street we're on over towards Stafford is pretty much horrible. We get to listen to the neighbors domestics, then there's another house with cars coming and going all day and plenty of unsavory types stumbling out of it at all hours. We've seen the cops visiting different houses 3 times so far, and we've only been here a year.

It looks like things might slowly be improving as some of the blocks have had big mansioney things stuck on them. But there's still plenty of your typical bogan houses too with their permanent curbside cleanup collections ready to go, and cars that never seem to move.

Anyway my advice would be if you want a long term investment, somewhere near here ( behind Stafford rd, Kitchener rd etc) would be great. If you want to move straight in and enjoy a clean and safe suburb, try the kedron on the other side of gympie rd (toward leckie rd etc). It's not totally awful here, but for the price of a mortgage I would've liked slightly nicer neighbors

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