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"Great place to go shopping and very diverse cuisine available here"

Chatswood in recent years has developed into a large CBD of the north shore. West side with all the offices and the right side with full commercial. To large malls (Westfield and Chase) in one suburb proves the prosperity and developed the area is.

Even though the area is highly concentrated with Chinese/Korean background people, they are very welcoming for all people. The restaurant choices literally include everything. You can easily spend you're entire day here.

In terms of living here I would say it's great for a person who likes to be surrounded by people also if you like to buy groceries daily. Very convenient for buying things. But for people who enjoy quiet areas or with less people it might not be the best. The housing prices are quite high especially the apartment units surrounding the station. I assume it's due to the large amount of foreign investors purchasing property.

Sydney metro also connects to Chatswood which even increases more human flow. Train ride is just 25min away from the Sydney CBD. Also many bus connections available here to Kingsford, Bondi Junct, Manly, Mosman, Sydney Northwest etc.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
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