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"Great place to live"

Canterbury is a hidden gem, with lots of quiet parklands where you can go for long walks along the river and unwind. There's a major train station and bus terminal that are serviced frequently. The train ride to the city takes about 20 minutes and stops along Dulwich Hill, Marrickville, and Erskinville, which are all a stone's throw away. The town centre is currently undergoing urban renewal, with boutique blocks of apartments being built along the riverside. There are also many established facilities such as an aquatic and fitness centre, ice skating rink, and racecourse.

Great for

  • Parks and recreation
  • Peace and quiet
  • Public transport

Not great for

  • Nightlife

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • LGBT+
  • Hipsters
  • Trendy & Stylish

I've lived here since 2011.. When I first moved in, it was a largely overlooked burb that's well served by transport and close to better known Inner West locations. Reality check: Canterbury and anywhere along most main rail corridors are undergoing rapid change. Don't be conned by the supposedly desirable riverside location in the advertising. Cook's River is tidal and it's foreshore is tidal mudflats. Steer clear of anything fronting the river. It smells, especially in summer. The so-called boutique developments are generally lacking in high standard or eco-friendly design and are already putting pressure on local roads (including other development going on further out from here). Buyers also beware that proposed zoning changes could permit multiple high-rise unit blocks (>20 stories) within 500m of the railway station. Proposed metro rail "upgrade" will put the current Sydenham-Bankstown heavy rail line out of action for an indeterminate period of time. It's a pity because there are some nice leafy pockets of Canterbury worth living in, like our quiet little street. Unfortunately, it's now facing the same poorly planned in-fill development that's spoiling many other older suburbs in Sydney. If you don't mind highrise living and thousands of incoming new neighbours, maybe.


I've lived here since 2015 and moved into one of the boutique apartment developments fronting Cooks River last year. My apartment is dual aspect facing both the river and the railway line. I have to say, having lived next to the Cooks River, there has been minimal or no odour at all including during particularly hot summer days. The established community here is very strong and very anti high density living. Canterbury town centre is adjacent to what will soon be a rapid metro line with trains running every few minutes as opposed to once every 15 minutes they currently run. This has made the area an attractive location for property developers due also to the availability of land which was up until a few years ago, largely brownfield. The revitalised town centre now has a mid scale Woolworths supermarket, medical centre, dentist, nail salon, barber, cafe (open for breakfast and lunch) and a priceline is due to open shortly. Aldi and other ancillary stores are a short walk from the station.
The area is lacking in evening activity with no bars and very few restaurants in the immediate vicinity, that's not to say that this won't change in the coming years. There has been a large influx of young professionals which has shifted the demographic which will likely lead to an increased demand in cafes, eateries, bars and other facilities.
There are quite a few large parks in the area and the new town centre is well placed close to these parks and the waterfront. The Cooks River also opens the area up to nearby open space and leads all the way to Botany Bay.
Traffic is a huge issue in the area with Canterbury Road being a particular concern. It is unpleasant to walk alongside and frustrating to drive on. Less well considered apartment developments have been built further away from the station along this route, leading to traffic congestion and frustration among local residents.
All in all it's a great place to live. Safe, convenient to the city with good local amenities and a diverse population.


Do you feel safe living in Canterbury? I saw the crime rate in general is going down but the Canterbury-Bankstown records most most murders for any NSW council areas in 2016.


The suburb of Canterbury is right on the border of the inner west. The council area is called Canterbury-Bankstown. Most of the statistics relating to crimes are around the Bankstown area towards the west. Because of the name of the council area, Canterbury unfortunately gets lumped in together with Bankstown, despite the fact that the two suburbs are ten kms apart. Having lived here since 2015, I have not heard of any crimes in Canterbury, and feel very safe here.


Canterbury is a suburb, Canterbury Bankstown is the district. Canterbury the suburb is the last of the inner west suburbs. Its close to everything and a 18 min drive to the city and 20 minutes by train . Cooks River is beautiful and great for young families. My girls love it.

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