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"Love it, despite some obvious compromises which need to be made"

If you forget about the very frequent power outages, the non existent mobile coverage, the terrible TV coverage and the slowiest broadband ever, this is the place to be. One of the last haven on the Tweed Coast (although it looks like the developpers are getting in too) as we are surrounded by a reserve which hopefully means the village cannot extend anymore and we also have a max 2 storey building policy. Not too many shops (but apparently we're getting a Woolworths) and some nice neighbours who mind their own business and make the whole environment very peaceful. Not many parks unfortunately. If like us you have no kids and it's all about your pets, you will find a fantastic vet surgery opened 7 days but no off leash park. The only option is the 2 off leash beaches. There are a lot of dogs in Cabarita Beach and a little bit of a barking issue but not that bad once you get used to it.
Beautiful swimming and surfing of course. The only major problem that if I had known of I would not have moved here I guess is the bush fire risk. We've been living there for less than a year and had 2 major ones. Not very nice breathing in smoke for 10 days and worrying about your house and pets but that's nature I guess.

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