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"I have lived in the area for 2 years now, and I wish I had never moved here."

At first glance the area looks great, lovely and quiet. But after settling in, we soon saw otherwise.

With 2 small children, the lack of parks, preschool and childcare centres, is difficult. The Lack of schools was a disappointment, unless you wanted to go to Trinity, Trinity or Trinity. (It seems that they were the only school that was in the area, and in Gawler – How many campuses do they need?) Or a public and catholic school that combine to shares the same facilities. The zoning of kindergartens and the overpopulating of the area (which is getting worse) has led to no vacancies for the local centres. Leaving me to travel near 30 mins to get to a preschool.
They keep sending out glossy brochures of the new Blake’s crossing, its upcoming shopping centre, schools and parks, but these aren’t going to be available for approx 3 more years, a lot of good this is to the residents of the new development.

Medical facilities are average, with on average 1 doctor on duty, the wait to get in is shocking, and I wouldn’t think (again) to do a walk in with a sick child. Last time I travelled to Modbury Hospital instead.

I agree with “Skope” it does seem to be a black spot. For me to make a phone call on the mobile, I need to stand at the front of the house near the window, so as not to lose reception. As for internet, (which I booked in to have connected 2 weeks before we moved in,) I still cannot get connected. With promises from all the big – and little companies. Oh I can have wireless dongle, WOW. After spending all that money on it I would have been better off with dial up. I could hardly get a page to load.

Shopping is non -existent, unless you want to go to Munno Para, where you a graced with one department style store (Kmart), and a few little knick-knack and clothing stores, that after one visit and you have seen everything.
‘Zebra 987’ wrote “A friendly environment. Good for retirees, singles, families and children.” I wouldn’t call it friendly, with the constant houses on the market and the rentals in the area; it seems that they can’t keep people here. I also wouldn’t let my children play out the front, with the hoon drivers, (reminder- The poor old gentleman who lost his life after being hit by a hoon driver on Craigmore road) I am even cautious before pulling out onto the road or crossing it. (And I have had my licence for - Lets say...long enough)

There are no real restaurants to eat at, except the fast food style, with the exception of cafe primo.

So, it seems that you need to drive out of the local area, to get anywhere nice to eat, shop at. Or get to a school..... So why would you want to live here?

I am sorry if I offend people, but hey, people don’t want a “glossed over the surface review” They want to know what it is like.... I wish I did.


Do you actually live here ?, the fact that you rated cafe Primo as a restaurant shows the caliber of your report, I was surprised that you didn't also put Maccas in as a restaurant, no it's not like Norwood where every second shop is an over priced cafe.
There are lots of local pubs, clubs within the immediate area that serve great, honest, well valued meals not to mention a myriad of pubs in nearby Gawler and Elizabeth that have some great meals.
As for schools geez there is Trinity, St Columba, Mary Magdalene, Blakeview Primary (yes I know it shares it library with Trinity), the new super school at Munno Para West, the proposed school at Blakes Crossing, there was Smith Creek primary on Anderson walk but it was shut due to lack of numbers, not to mention the nearby public and private schools in Elizabeth and Gawler.
As for shopping centres Munno Para, Craigmore, the new one at Blakes Crossing, a few boutique shops on Main North road, Elizabeth shopping centre and its nearby shopping villiage, not to mention the nearby Gawler shopping centres and boutique shops.
My guess is that you were forced there against your will and are just looking for a place to whine, I have lived here for 20 years and have seen Blakeview go from strength to strength, a great place to live.


its a bogan are. i wouldn't let my children play out the font. they would probably get killed or kidnapped knowing all the ferals at blakeview. and the nightlife is definately a 1. there are probably that many fights at night, you would not go out to a pub, club etc. you would get beaten up etc. terrible, bogan, cheap area. by the way derail, Norwood is actually a good area where you can go out at night without being stabbed, and the cafes arent really that expensive


Try and run a spelling and punctuation speller Skyline,
Well I must be living in a parallel universe, I have been here for 15 years and haven't witnessed any of the ferals as you call them, my neighbours are mostly Army and Airforce people who are really nice and I have no problems letting my 3 year old ride his bike up and down the cul-de-sac.
Yes Norwood is a lovely area with the exception of being filled with middle class yuppie wannabes.
Blakeview is what you want it to be, as for people who want to be unhappy here because they couldn't afford to buy or rent anywhere else.. nothing will change their minds.


Well I have lived in the western side of adelaide and guess what...house breaks,hoon driving,vandalism,all types everywhere you go in nearly all areas.I also own a rental property in elizabeth and both areas are just as bad as each other...home is what you make of it.put some more security on your house.Take out insurance.Just be happy you have a roof over your head

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