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Elliott Heads

"Peaceful, oceanside living"

There's a reason most of the people in Elliott Heads are retired. There's not much to do here except walk along the esplanade with it's stunning views of the ocean, or swim in the calm waters of the river mouth or on the patrolled beach. There is a corner store and a fish and chip kiosk that's open 7am to 7pm every day. Apart from that, the only food/entertainment is the local Bowl's Club which is open Thurs-Sunday for meals and the occasional trivia night. Nothing else here except houses.
Elliott Heads is a strip of houses about three streets deep, hugging the coastline. The northern end (across the paddock from Coral Cove) has newer housing, more expensive houses and is generally more upmarket. The river end of Elliott Heads has a caravan park, occasionally suffers from midgies during summer, and there are some low-rent sections down that end.
The other thing to realise is that sometimes houses in the suburb of Riverview (which has more of a midgie problem) are advertised as Elliott Heads. They're not. Don't be sucked in. Check it on the map.
If you're looking for a super-peaceful lifestyle where the rush hour is 3 cars driving past, Elliott Heads is the place for you. But there's nothing trendy or hipster. It's clean and quiet with a very low crime rate and the primary school is fabulous. A twenty minute drive to Bundaberg through gorgeous canefields and farmland so it's a great place to get-away for a sea change lifestyle for singles and couples, or even those with young children. Teenagers, however, would be bored deathless and there's no public transport to get them anywhere interesting.

Great for

  • Best for Families, kids and couple
  • Its far away enough to be peaceful

Not great for

  • No local shopping centre

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Retirees
  • Tourists
  • LGBT+
  • Beach Lovers
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