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Michael Shannon

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"Decent for starting a family, or getting your foot in the door with first house."

This is blakeview. Not Blake's crossing like most of these reviews are about.

I live 7 mins up the hill past Blake's crossing and find that it's fairly quiet but i am lucky to have nice neighbour's. Most are young families.

Decent place to live as there are a lot of choice with shops around the area..just some shops have um..more interesting characters than others.

End of the day, its the northern suburbs so there are pockets of good areas and pockets of bad depending on where you venture out.

Would not recommend living here if you have moved from somewhere else, and are looking for a forever home..definately a temporary move to get your foot in the door with buying or building.

P.S - The estate "Blakes Crossing" is definitely overpriced, mainly full of investment properties, my family chose to build a bit further up and its been peaceful so far.

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