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Ascot Vale

"Close to the CBD"

Ascot Vale is very close to the city . Unless you are actually living in the housing commission flats, is very nice , like any other suburbs living in Ascot Vale or others suburbs, no body is free to be invade in their own house. We all know of many stabbings or drug crimes that have happened in every suburb , so living in here or not does not make any DIFFERENCE but crimes in this days are everywhere with all the gangs here in Melbourne , How you can feel secure in their own house , if you wash the news is every day a stabbing robberies , gun pointed to robe cars ,breaking in to properties,assaults in shopping centers and the list keeps going .. We are not safe anywhere in this days, we need to put security cameras get dogs and so on to protect our self for the type of life the government is making for us , with all this immigrants with bad history bad habits , why , ???. Why the government bring all these people with so much trouble to live in to our country, why the government is making does terrible decisions ,they making life even harder to all of us ,they don't want to work, they have bad habits and they don't care for the people in are living in this country ..
The government need to check who is getting in to this country , To many of them have criminal history , is that type of life we want for our grand kids in a future??? They got not respect for the others morals values and property's, rapes criminals and sex offenders , this people think they can do what ever they want???, consequences for their acts is not in their mains..
We need to stop all these crimes. Is not need to talk about witch suburb is better then other, we need justice to be done and strong police force to STOP ALL the crimes in our city...
Melbourne is not safe anymore, really hope the government do something about the gangs and all the crimes the past month is getting out of control. , I am actually amazed that some people are writing this type on comment abut were is better living , Is not were any more ...If you living in Melbourne you are not safe , were ever you go it will be some one watching to make their move to robe you assaults you breaking in to your house , point you with a gun when driving a more expensive car or simple is a they just want to have fun , what about that , this is our city in this days...you could not possibly have ever lived here or other places feel unsafe . Please enjoy be safe and always look around just in case one of those members of the Apex Gang may be watching . Good Luck to all of us...

Great for

  • Great parks..
  • Council is always impruving the roads, parks..
  • Close to city
  • Great public transport options
  • Plenty of schools

Not great for

  • Ministry of housing flats
  • Not next to the beach!
  • Eating out not quite SE standard
  • Traffic during key events ie Races

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Students
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