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"Great facilities, awful area"

Penrith has everything you need. Lots to do, places to see, close proximity to everything, but is an awful area to bring children up in.
Drunks roam the streets, drug deals go on accross the road from your front door, neighbors 'smoke' can be smelt wafting over your fence.
The houses are less expensive in Penrith and now we know why. If you can afford to, live somewhere else if you have young children!

Great for

  • Facilities

Not great for

  • Low socio economic area attracting unfavourables
  • A lot of housing commision mixed throughout

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Students

I don't know how neighbours smoke wafting over your fence would be isolated to just Penrith. People smoke in all suburbs and cities. Maybe stick with genuine negatives and positives relating to the suburb miss hokey. You are sounding a little prudish now


What bs I raised 4 sons in Penrith 2 doctors 1 lawyer and one overseas in the Air Force don't blame the suburb if kids run amok blame the parents

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