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"Near City and elsewhere. Still affordable price."

Punchbowl may be has negative reputation from before but now changed a lot because of the news and a few bad apples but the place now are nice quite peaceful and actually mix in Cultures Asian and Mediterranean (Greek, Italians, Lebanese Christian and Muslim). May be a lot of Arab shops but look at Statistic there are equally between Islam and Christians plus others regions ..actually many Churches here even temple!. People are nice mainly ..you may be see the grumpy one but every where not only in Punchbowl or around here. Living here have no problem may be some with bad driving manner or a few rubbish from people who selfish but council has done there job the next day or two or three? but not only in this suburbs.
Because the place still affordable so you don't see a lot of rich White Australia but I tell you this place is going to rise fast if you look over it will missed the chance because the suburb next to it like Roselands and Belmore, Beverly Hills are high already even Wiley Park and Lakemba!. Especially the South part has Housing Zones great for family ..walk to Broadway Supermarket and closed to Station great values for future investment or to live. Close to City ..M5 to Airport ..Many Choice of places to shopping like Roselands, Campsie , Bankstown, Beverly Hill (Many restaurants) ..reasonable time drive to the beaches, New town. Train direct to City about 25 mins. Sometime just short drive to Kingsgrove Station for Airport lines. Don't want this place to be crowded but make this place a better place Multicultural Peaceful...It is Australia!!.

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