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Livingstone Road

"Good residential street"

One of the longest streets and one of the 'dividing lines' in how I think about Marrickville along with Marrickville Road, Illawarra Road and Victoria Road, best section is arguably from crossing of Addison down to the Cooks River end. Churches and good schools. Problem is it's concrete so can be noisy,

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"Friendly, great coffee, moving up!"

A fantastic place to live - I've lived here for a 3 year period 6 years ago and am currently back here again. It's the perfect balance for me of peace but with all urban amenities. I've seen some negative reviews but these people probably live on or close to the main streets. Marrickville Road, Illawarra Road and the Marrickville train line are things to watch out for, you don't want to be too close especially to the train line as you get goods trains on it. But loads of quiet leafy streets with houses suitable for young families, a lot of old folk and lots of parks and playgrounds. On weekdays you see the original residents, all the old Greek men and women, Vietnamese families, and on weekends the new wave of trendy urbanites out in the great cafes popping up everywhere. Fantastic transport options, excellent food and cheap groceries thanks to the multiple independent butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers.

I'm a young professional with a baby and I don't have to drive to work, there's a great mothers network and early childhood centre, parks and playgrounds, good doctors, sidewalks are pram friendly and I have never felt threatened. After having lived all over the Eastern suburbs, when I moved to Marrickville I was struck by how friendly all the shopkeepers are. With neighbours, well, it depends on where you live. In apartments it's always more anonymous, but moving to a house soon fingers crossed! But as an example the people at my local pho place know my name, chat about their family and babies, the GP's receptionist knows me on sight, and the lovely owner of the Lush Arena women's and kids boutique knows me on sight too! Very close to RPA as well which is a great hospital.

What's not to like? And the skyrocketing real estate market shows the proof is in the pudding.

Great for

  • Transport
  • Not too built-up
  • Eating out

Not great for

  • Some noisy roads and traffic is not great
  • Pests - get your place sprayed!

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Hipsters

Marrickville area is filthy,dirty nobody gives a damn about anything but their image and oh 'shopping'...the back lanes are littered with rubbish and dogshit cos' hardly anyone could be bothered picking it up or take their bins in.The attitude is that its someone elses problem.Around the many industrial areas it's littered with commercial/industrial rubbish and buildings are left to rot and fester in their own filth.Trees and shrubs are never trimmed or maintained and look ugly and unkempt.Marrickville council is lazy and are only interested in raking in the rates.In my back lane,which is wall to wall bins and rubbish everywhere,the council made a half arsed attempt to get people to take their bins in by putting stickers on the bins saying you must take in your bin or you'll be fined.People ignored it and the council didn't do anything.Pathetic.

The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.