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"South West's Shangri-La ..."

We have just bought a home in Camira having lived in the Rocklea Market and Salisbury area over the past 3 years. Seeing the Housing Market ignite in the last 12 months and prices soar in the inner ring ( 15k to CBD ) areas - good properties and value for money have become tougher to realize. Digging in to what remains affordable outside the inner ring leaves a string of less inspired choices all the way to Bellbird Park. Early comparisons with surrounding areas pinpointed Camira as an absolute diamond on the cusp of serious future growth. Advantages in Demographics show Camira to have an average 4% Public Housing - compared to Inala, Goodna and others nearby which are almost 80%. Camira is possessed of a majority of Traditional Anglo Australian residents who are in the main owner occupiers - with a low Renter percentage. Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and other ethnic groups seek to cluster together in Suburbs for reasons of familiarity and Community - and it is no different for Anglo Australians where this too may be a desirable aspect when choosing where they live - Camira is such a place. The Median house price is on the rise in this area and a quick search of the Qld Police Statistics shows an almost non existent Crime rate. Camira is extremely leafy, has creeks, parkland, schools and Birdlife all in abundance and nearby. With huge blocks ... our property at nearly 800sq's ... this is a Suburb to raise a family, with big peaceful blocks, quiet streets, only 25 mins to the CBD. With Homes selling for nearly 600K in Inala ... why would anyone overlook Camira for the same money with all it has to offer by comparison? We found our Shangri-La ...

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