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Glen Waverley

"Central quiet with great cafes, restaurants and transport links"

I grew up In Glen Waverley and can confidently tel you its a quiet and friendly suburb centrally located with good transport links.

While buying into the suburb these days is expensive for most people but for people like my parents they have been luck to cash in on the recent sales boom driven by Chinese investors.

The Glen is basic but has everything you need and Glen Waverley station is safe with regular trains coming and going. Around the train station and Kingsway traffic and parking are a big issue, but once that is sorted but the council there won't be an issue.

Plenty of parks around and good community based sporting clubs. In terms of safety I have never felt unsafe and would think its fine to walk around at night without any trouble.

It's become very multicultural over the years, with a good sense of community and friendly families.

*Insider tip: If you want the BEST pies ever go to Kerrie Road Bakery! The tall blonde lady (about 45-55) who i presume is the manager or owner is absolutely lovely and very friendly.

Great for

  • Safe
  • Friendly
  • Clen
  • Cinema and bowling
  • Good Asian restauarants and shopping
  • Good coffee shops
  • Walking distance to main attractions

Not great for

  • Basic shopping centre
  • Horrific parking and traffic
  • Poor parking

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees


The area is a dump. Have you seen all the apartments being built. Wondering why everyone living in the area is selling out. The Monash council has a lot to answer for this.

Kings way parade stinks., however To give credit, some of the restaurants are good.

School results are great but it's due to the hard work of the students and parents commitment to invest in tutoring. Therefore Brentwood SC and Glen Waverley Secondary College is over rated and would not have these results without the parents hard work and commitment to invest money in education, So credit goes to the parents.

Why would you send your child to tutoring if the school is so great in the area? So overseas investors looking to move in the area, think about it. Better education options in America or Uk.

Overseas investors should not believe in the hype as Glen Waverley is getting crowded. Real estate agents will Sell Anything to make a profit. So don't waste your money in the area. Also the government is cracking down on oversea investment. So more than likely you will need to sell up unless your a resident.

I would recommend Ballarat, Bendigo, Werribee, Doveton, Heidelberg for Chinese investors looking to buy properties for investment in Australia.

Hope that helps.


Glen Waverley is not worth the money.

Oversea investors, I wouldn't bother. The government is tightening its rules now.

If you want to get fined , buy, but you will be force to sell the house due to tough foreign investment

So better leaving your money overseas,


I also love the strip of shops at Kerrie Road, including the bakery.


Ive heard that people get around the FIRB restrictions with silent partners at auctions. The purchaser demolishes the house and sells it to another who builds a new house. Is this true? Is this why we are seeing the suburb change?

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