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21st April 2021

"Quite and Nice suburb to bring up your children"

I find it very very convenient as M7 is right next to commute to my office is 10 mins which is great. Plumpton market place is so close by and all your basic needs will be met here. Also as an added bonus Marsden park Business park is close by and we get to visit Costco every week. All other stores are just right there!, I believe in fact people in Marsden park face a lot of traffic to exit out of Ellara to come out but from Plumpton since its the opposite way its so quick and easy.

Coming to neighborhood , I like everything about it. People are warm and welcoming and keep themselves. I will be soo happy to come out and take the car for a drive as I find very less traffic! There are some great childcare centers like Children first, Good start and schools like Richard Johnson etc. and I would say i couldn't ask for more!!!

Parks like Bungarribee, Nurragingy Resrve is right next and few other nature reserves are great here too which is a added bonus!

At last, I want to say one thing houses are way better looking, Build with Brick and really big than those old, shabby houses or the tiny townhouses build in so called very good suburbs!

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  • Families with kids
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