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18th July 2023

"Beautiful, peaceful but cold and mouldy"

Previously lived close to the blue gum walk near the national reserve for four winters (downhill of Pretoria Parade and Rosemead Road), so I can only speak for that area of Hornsby.

- You literally have to drive down a valley to get to your home. If anyone was speeding downhill or if cars parked at a turn, that would be a blind spot and an accident waiting to happen.
- Public transport to get home? Nope, only Ubers, getting a ride, or driving your own car to the train station is the only way you’re getting home. It is possible to walk from the station to home, but the reverse direction is very long, hilly and almost impossible as a daily commute.

-Peaceful, trees and quietness. This is not just unique to Hornsby, most of north shore is like that too.

-Each winter, the neighbors would burn wood instead of heating their houses with gas/electricity, so the whole valley would smell smokey instead of fresh forest air.

- The worst part: the mould! There is not much ventilation at the bottom of the valley as such, some of the houses here tend to have mould or moisture issues. The brick house I was living in was poorly insulated and was an average built. In winter it was freezing, moist and mouldy. Drying clothes sometimes was an issue too as there wasnt enough sunlight.

Would I live here again?
-Absolutely, Hornsby is lovely and so beautiful. The Westfield is great. The express train is also great. The serenity and quietness is unmatched. But I wouldn’t live close to the national reserve, I value my health and living in a environment or house that breeds mould is not one of them. I moved to another suburb with better ventilation, lots of greenery and am now living mould-free.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
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