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"Kids and family love it! Envy of friends"

Affordable, close to ammentities great shops all close by.Love the new woolworths. Its exciting to see what happens to the new developement at Blakes crossing. Glad that house prices will (eventually) rise in older sections due to new interest. Hey I really do love my suburb but we have had our share of problems with the Craigmore school kids who on a yearly bases smash one of our windows..unfortunately being a corner house opposite school is geographically an issue as we are sitting ducks. But we (touch wood)have had no serious problems with ferals or the like..just dumb kids. Everyyear we also catch them trying to light fires by the playground opposite school..and some gardens in our street..so these kids are usually walking through Blakeview and continue to walk away from suburb so obviously they're from neighbouring suburbs not this one. As a result I refuse to send my kids to ANY of the schools in this area..so thats a negative. But on the whole we have a great house lovely reserve and walk ways and great neighbours..cant ask for much more.

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  • Problem school kids

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