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"Alexandria 2015 Euston Road"

I've been renting in an affordable rental property for 3 years now and it's just recently sold. I'm glad I guess because this new westconnex main road it's a deal breaker for me.
The traffic is pretty loud and just does not stop.. trucks and buses and your speedway car racer really does my heading.. I use to fall asleep on the lounge watching Netflix and have the balcony door open but that doesnt happen anymore. The noise from the road just makes it to uncomfortable.
Shopping isnt to bad if you like ordering from uber eats or alike.. there is only 1 takeaway shop within walking distance and its pizza.. my god there is only so much pizza one can eat.. but the place does get relatively busy but like I said within walking distance you dont have much choice. Public transport is crap there is only 1 bus that will take you to redfern train station if you need to head to city or catch a train in peak hr traffic you can wait up to 20mins if they run on time or 40mins if it isnt canx.. yeah the 308 also stops after 8pm on a sunday and runs like every hr through the day.. I've been late for work so many times I can't imagine. Security in this block well just like anywhere yes we do have break ins.. I've never been broken into but I'm off the street level and to get in you will need a pretty tall latter to get up.. there had been a breaking and the owners or renters where asleep in the unit at the time of the break in.. they stole the unit key which had a master key ne access to car park and main entry but strata was good as they replace the locks and keys for the whole complex..
Woolworths and dan Murphy's down the road driving is 5mins walking is 15 -20 mins.. both are good stores and good on prices..
There is a lot more units being built in the area but Alexandria needs shops, restaurants bars in the area and better public transport or just more of it..
Just this about it before you move and think about westconnex Mr before packing your bags and decide to come here.. its away from a lot of entertainment and you really need to make the effort if you wanna go out for a casual eating night..

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