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"An affordable, convenient suburb with riverside parkland"

I moved to Meadowbank two years ago for a more affordable option after renting in the lower north shore.

Some of the reviewers here have commented on the state of Meadow Crescent's older buildings. It's true that they are the older style however (I may be generalising here) you get the benefits, compared to new blocks, of having large windows, less common walls , and what I really liked - having a window and natural light/ventilation in the bathroom. However I did have to put up with older plumbing, shared laundries (where you padlock your electricity socket), and pest issues due to my neighbours piling their garbage in the one bin. I know it varies depending on which block but this is what I have noticed over my 2-3 years here.

Very convenient because it is on the train line via Strathfield. I work in the CBD, and while the trains are not as frequent as some other stations (say Burwood/Strathfield), it's not too crowded even during peak hour. Trains come approx every 15 minutes during peak hour, with additional express trains terminating at Central . On the 7:41, 7:56 and 8:10am trains, everyone can get a seat. I have never caught the bus from here, as train is usually faster for where I want to go. I have caught the ferry a few times (when I'm maxed out on the Opal Card) and it is a lovely scenic trip.

Shopping and Dining
The Meadowbank village has an Aldi and IGA, as well as a Korean grocery store where I do most of my weekly grocery shopping. Macquarie Centre, Rhodes and Top Ryde are all within driving distance for other "shopping centre" needs. The dining options within Meadowbank are limited. The best place is Italian restaurant at the station, Anema E Core (translates to Heart and Soul), though it can be pricey for regular dining ($30-40 per head). We usually have to drive out to West Ryde, Gladesville or Eastwood to eat out.

What attracted me to Meadowbank was the walking/cycling tracks. It is well-connected to Bicentennial Park and there are also continuous tracks along the Parramatta River. I often do a cycle loop out to bicentennial park, Newington armoury, Rhodes and back. There are also great park facilities at Meadowbank Park, Memorial Park (recently upgraded with new play equipment and a war memorial) and Anderson Park. I have noticed groups of Asian ladies dancing on the river foreshore at Anderson Park in the evenings. There is also a weekly 5km organised run (called Parkrun) that happens at Rhodes. It happens every Saturday at 8am with around 200 people involved.

Neighbours and Safety
I have felt very safe here and not been broken into or heard of incidences of break-ins. Within my block (of 15) everyone is either a single professional, young couple or a young family. The suburb is ethnically diverse, lots of Indians on this side (Bank St / Meadow Crescent) and lots of Asians living in the newer apartments on the other side. It can be quiet at night but there are usually a couple of people walking from the station even at 8 or 9pm. Haven't encountered any "mentally unstable" people as per another post on this topic, and yes there is (still) a nice old lady that feeds pigeons on Bank Street

Great for

  • Riverside lifestyle
  • Train and Ferry stop
  • Easy shopping options

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Students

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