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Boyup Brook

"Trite but true always fair."

First but foremost; it's peaceful and quiet! If you come from that cesspit called Perth, Boyup Brook will shock you to your core. There's no bogans in V8's tearing up the street, you don't have to worry about getting beaten up walking home from the pub late at night and your neighbours probably NOT a serial killer or kitten murderer. There are many nice places to relax by the river and to take things easy. The air is clean and the weather usually is pretty good, although it gets very dry in summer. The local IGA is reasonably good and is always improving. Fantastic place for people looking to retire but know what to expect from living rural. Not so great for young people as career opportunities and educational facilities are pretty limited. It's pretty sad to see allot of the big generational farms being cut up and sold when the grandparents die because the kids don't want anything to do with farming or rural lifestyle.
Now the bad stuff...
Folk around these parts are rather fond and protective of their religious beliefs (About 4-5 churches here), and if your not swinging with the Jesus crowd, you can forget about socialising or making eye contact with 50% of Boyup Brook's residents. Generational families rule this land, and generally have vested interests in every nook and cranny of Boyup Brook's limited economy and political circles. Be sure not to upset the apple cart. Employment prospects are well and truly limited, it's not about what you know but who in Boyup Brook if you want a job (Unless you want to work at IGA). If your willing to travel to Collie (85+ Km's) away to work at the power station or alumina refinery, then you will be fine. There is no middle class here, your either at the bottom or at the top.

Great for

  • Peaceful and Quiet
  • No pollution
  • No Crime

Not great for

  • Limited employment oppurtunities
  • Religious elitist's
  • Worst designed road intersections EVER!

Who lives here?

  • Singles
  • Retirees
  • LGBT+
  • Country Lovers
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