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Chelsea Avenue

"Gorgeous quiet street"

Having just moved into the area we are in love with our beautiful, tidy street. It has a lovely safe suburban feel to it. The neighbours are friendly and quiet, the area is safe and so convenient to the city only the houses up here are much larger and more lovely than where we were looking in the inner southern suburbs. The major draw card for us was the beautiful scenic walks we can go on, and the lovely relaxed feel in the evening and on weekends. Our friends love coming to see us in this lovely area, and we love the view of the sunset in the evening. We will be here for many years to come, and our next home will probably be here too, if we ever need to move.
Driving from work in the far western suburbs to home in flagstaff hill is well worth the travel time.
I highly recommend this suburb, i much more tasteful alternative than 'down the hill'

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