What are the state schools like? Are there mosquitoes or midges near the water?

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This is what a user had to say about schools in Victoria Point:
"We lived in Victoria Point for several years before moving to suburban Brisbane and have decided to return to Victoria Point because it's a far better place to raise a family than Brisbane. So much more for children and young people to do: bay, boats, swimming, sports, parks, shops, malls, cinemas, library - all within short drive and/or easy walk. The cinema cost is reasonable compared to Brisbane prices so something we can do often as opposed to rarely here in Brisbane. Generally, people are far friendlier and greater sense of community than in Brisbane. All facilities are here with ease of access. Schools are good - all the primary schools (Redlands, Victoria Point, Thornlands, Cleveland) are as good as if not better than the ones we have experienced here in Brisbane. Our son will be going to Victoria Point primary school. The High Schools offer good programmes - depending on what your child is interested in. We will send our children to Faith Lutheran College because it is a good school, not too large i.e impersonal and close to our home (walk/bike). The Lutheran schools are good schools and reasonably priced compared to some of the stand alone independent schools (Sheldon College, Ormiston College, Redlands College).

Only downside of Victoria Point is the public transport to Brisbane City/CBD. At present there is only a bus service which takes well over one hour with infrequent buses leaving/arriving. The only way to commute is drive to 8 Mile Plains bus station and take the express bus in."
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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