Public housing in valley park

Hi all,
I was considering purchasing a property in valley park Westmeadows.(4 valley park)
Doing some research I found out that in the new estate there is 145 social housing units and 209 private houses built along with 90 aged care facility (Baptcare, just opposite the property). So am I correct in saying 41% of the properties there are allocated for public housing?
Is any one able to tell me if the properties are in one seperate area or if they are spread out over the entire new development? I am not entirely sure how the public housing system works in Victoria, whether it can be any random property or it is pre allocated by the government but not mentioned as to which properties they exactly are.
it will be a great help if some one car share their experience living in that area or near the public housing so I can get a bit more insight, as I have never experienced this before living in Brunswick east for most of my live.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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