Hi there. I am looking for a dog friendly, 2 bedroom rental either in Willoughby or surrounds.

I am moving permanently to Australia just after Xmas. I'm bringing my youngest daughter (nearly 18) and my dog Zak (nearly 13, arthritic, completely docile non-barker who lies around sleeping all day!) I am a self employed contractor and my new contract starts in January 2018 in Willoughby. I am keen to find a place to live for the three of us. It can be an apartment or a house - we really don't mind. I will be arriving in Sydney on November 9th to look at properties and am willing to take one from that period, even though I will be returning to NZ for a short time before moving over lock, stock and barrel. If anyone can help me with a 2 bedroom property with one car space I would be SO grateful! I am happy to look at all areas that are within 20 - 25 minutes drive of Willoughby. I am keen that it is a safe area with shops and cafes and with good transport via bus or train for my daughter.
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