Woonona, Bellambi or East Corrimal?

My family and I are looking at moving from the Shire (Syd) to Woonona, Bellambi or East Corrimal.
What are your thought about each of the suburbs (schools, food, crime, unsocial behaviours)?

We just want to be as close to the beach as we can afford (walking distance), have an affordable mortgage and a big backyard for our growing family.

Thanks Liz
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Hi Liz. The idea of moving to the shores of Bellambi with that attractive beach has crossed every Sydney spiders mind I am sure at some point. Then you dig a bit deeper and review the BOCSAR stats and speak to the locals and you soon find that Bellambi has twice the state average for sexual assault offences, escalating drug related crime, East Corrimal has about twice the state average for theft offences (thanks to their druggie neighbours from Bellambi) and Woonona has the same issues however inter dispersed with some good people who tolerate the offensive behaviour, malicious damage and the from time to time, unfortunately the above mentioned more serious offences, becoming victims of house break ins, physical assaults at railway stations etc and sexual assault. Think of the influences your children will be exposed to or fall victim to before you jump in for the cheap mortgage seaside 'dream'. Once they finally bulldoze Bellambi, parts of Woonona, East Corrimal, Windang and the like (yes the housos have all the good seaside locations in Wollongong - the good people live up on the escarpment) then I will be right behind you to secure a seaside lot. A relative of mine recently bought in a so called desirable part of East Corrimal. His car parked in his driveway was broken in to 5 times in 4 months. Don't go near these suburbs you mention would be my tip. Others may tell you different, but the are either living in denial, blind or naive (or own investment properties in the area and want to present it all as paradise). Good luck with your choice.


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Liz, I wonder if you made the move. I did. So this review is for anyone considering moving. We moved from Sydney to east Corrimal and we love it. So my review is not from hear say and random statistics it's actually from experience living here for 6 years.
Bellambi is a high housing commission area so I would avoid it. However, recently there have been a few people building brand new houses in the area and they will be laughing all the way to the bank when/ if the housing commission ever gets removed.
The only crime that has occurred in my street was cars being broken into, mostly it was cars that were left unlocked and it was actually just kids looking for money. This happens in most suburbs so not a high crime item in my books. So in the grand scheme of things over 6 years the only crime Ive seen is a couple of kids rummaging in my car and taking nothing......
My family live in Woonona ( up on the escarpment where apparently the "good people" live haha) and they have also experienced the car breakins. They love their suburb too.
There is housing commission in most suburbs so obviously good and bad areas everywhere as it is in Sydney.
I don't know a lot about the schools. Woonona high is fantastic as is Holy Spirit, st Mary's, Wollongong high, st Columbkilles, Towradgi primary, east Corrimal primary. These are schools I know are pretty good. I have heard Corrimal high being called criminal high so take from that what you will as I cannot personally comment on whether that is an accurate description of that school.
Not many places to eat around here, we usually go into Wollongong.
My house has doubled in value since we bought it. We have wide streets safe for kids to ride their bikes around and we can walk to the beach, train, shops, parks, bike track. We have a huge flat block and awesome neighbours.
So, I have to disagree with the previous persons response.
The longer you sit around the more the houses are going up. I think anyone waiting to move here once all the housing commission is gone is naive and foolish, the existence of the housing commission has had little to no impact on me or anyone of my neighbours. Jump in now if you want to get into the market, Woonona or east Corrimal are my picks and by the lack of properties for sale I think is a clear demonstration of how much people love the area!

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We made the move from Oatley to Bellambi 17 years ago. I spent a good part of my weekend at Lugarno Seafood with my good mates George and Spero. Now we hang at the Lagoon Seafood or The Harbour Front and see a Sunday arvo band at TBH. I have never in my life enjoyed living in a space like this. The Housing commission which the what the above talk about are the most humble friends i have made. We have had no problem living here. Easy walk to the beautiful beaches, boat ramp and dog beach. The view from the beach every morning changes and blows my mind. looking forward to the possible Marina being approved in the future.
It is very unfortunate that people like Mathew above is so negative on the world. Opinions like his are both uninformed & completely naive. I am sure someone like Matthew would find negative in winning multiple millions by winning Lotto!!!
Matthew, you should just live where you live, enjoy it & leave everyone else alone because your comments are completely incorrect & ill informed. MichD is correct, here on the northern shores of the Illawarra is a beautiful place to live, we love it & would encourage anybody who is looking for the sea change from the rat race in Sydney to come & live the dream anywhere in the Illawarra region.

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I’m totally agree with MichD and jodiec 10. About first comments of Matthew, what a nonsense! I’m moved with my family in 2014 and love it. Beautiful and great place to live. We are enjoying our life here.

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All I need is a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom house since I’m currently pregnant and need a place to go in getting kicked out of my parents house since there is no room

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