Best suburb to raise a young, growing family?

My husband (36) and I (32) are considering making the move from Sydney to Adelaide to escape the complete rat race and insane house prices. I've been searching online for the best suburb suggestions but am overwhelmed by the difference in the list so I thought I'd go straight to people who actually live there.

Some key info that might help you give me an idea of what suburbs could work for us:
* OUR FAMILY: 1 child (2months), planning more in the future
* HOUSE: Ideally we'd get a 4+ bedroom home with a yard and spend around $1M (or less of course).
* SUBURB TYPE: Safe, green, parks, good pre-schools/primary schools
* DISTANCE: We'd consider being up to 45mins out of the CBD via car or public transport commute during peak hour. Currently the trip to work is 1.5hrs door to door!
* OTHER: Shops and restaurants close by nice to have but not a necessity if they can easily be accessed via car

Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed!
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