The little things in your new home that make a big difference

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4 min readSo, you’re trying to choose and build a new home. You’ve been paying attention to all the major details. You have already spent time finding the perfect block and floorplan. You’re reading and looking over tenders, selecting your colours but it’s very easy to overlook the small things that will make your home that much easier to live in day-to-day.

Here’s a list of the little things that’ll make a huge difference in your new home, not to be forgotten in the planning and design stages:

Power point positioning

Pay special attention to the simple everyday things you need to have easy access to a power point for. The best place to start is in the kitchen.

 For sale: 70 Stephen Street, Camp Hill, QLD For sale: 70 Stephen Street, Camp Hill, QLD

Think about the appliances that never leave your kitchen benchtop – the kettle, toaster, microwave and coffee machine. Maybe you recharge your phone in the kitchen? Are you planning to install a dishwasher? It is essential to make sure that you have enough power points in the right places. It will make your kitchen that little bit more functional and easy to use.

Also think about the other places in the home where you need extra power points, such as around the TV, your alfresco area (think outdoor TV), over the bathroom sink (for electric toothbrushes, trimmers, hairdryers etc.) or in the study. Spend time thinking about how you’ll practically use the space, your furniture layout and where you’ll need those plugs to be.

 For sale: 1 Alvin Parade, Mount Pleasant, NSW For sale: 1 Alvin Parade, Mount Pleasant, NSW

Lighting plan

Every room needs lights and you may have already considered downlights for your new home. Here are the key places to think about when selecting where the lights in your home will go:

  • Exterior laundry door – Make sure there is an outdoor light above your laundry door. Better yet install a sensor light that comes on to safely light your way to the backdoor at night time.
  • Where your bins are kept – Whether you’re taking the garbage bags out late at night or putting the bins out on bin night, having lights near the bins and along the pathway to the kerb will be a useful and safe addition that you’ll thank yourself for later.
  • Spotlights out the front – Having the path from the driveway to the front door illuminated at night is very useful especially if you have a lot of steps to navigate.
  • Feature lights – These can add style to your home. Be they pendants over the kitchen benchtop or up and down lights to add an extra element to your facade – feature lights can be a great modern accessory.
  • Hallways – Not having enough light in your hallway is an incredibly common problem. Some hallways may require a skylight to allow natural light in during the day but you can also turn your hallway into a feature by adding creative lighting to illuminate the space in the evening.

 For sale: 8 Aston Street, Hunters Hill, NSW For sale: 8 Aston Street, Hunters Hill, NSW

Additional outdoor taps

Don’t take for granted the taps on the outside of your home. Here are a few ideas for some extra taps outside that can make a huge difference when it comes to maintenance and entertaining.

  • Your alfresco space – Think about how your alfresco area will be used. Maybe you’ll add an outdoor kitchen or shower later, or you plan on putting the BBQ there. Make sure there is adequate plumbing available for the future projects you want to undertake. This will make the alfresco space all the more functional and easy to clean too!
  • Extras at the front or back – Most builders include at least one outdoor tap but think about what you’ll use it for. If you think you’ll utilise an extra exterior tap at the front or back of your home then add them while you can – you won’t regret the decision later especially when the back lawn is looking thirsty.
  • Near your bins – Having an extra tap near where your bins live can be super helpful. There’s nothing worse than having a smelly bin right outside a bedroom window. An extra tap will make the bin clean up quick and easy.

 For sale: 109 Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills, NSW For sale: 109 Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills, NSW

These practical little things make living in your new home even more enjoyable. You’re building the home from scratch, after all! So why not make sure the little things are customised perfectly to suit you.

For more guidance on building a house check out the pros and cons of building your first home, how to select the right building materials for your new home and how to budget for the hidden costs of building.

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Daniel Simone

Daniel Simone is the General Manager of Simone Homes. He believes the foundation of every family is the home and is passionate about building them. Proudly family owned and operated, the team at Simone Homes have been building bespoke homes for over 35 years. Follow Simone Homes on Facebook and Instagram.

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