How to cut costs when building a new home

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3 min readHousing affordability is a hot topic for Sydney buyers and to a lesser extent all around the country. Anyone who has been looking to buy or build knows the feeling. It’s not hard to stretch the budget to maximum capacity. If you’re building a new home, there are some simple things that you can do to fit your dream home into your dream budget.

 For sale: 12 Cullen Street, Kellyville, NSW For sale: 12 Cullen Street, Kellyville, NSW

Choose your land wisely!

Pay close attention to the block of land that you’re looking to purchase. If the price is cheaper than others in the estate then it’s probably for a reason. Some of the things that will impact your home build price later down the track include:

  • Easements
  • BAL(Bushfire Attack Level) Rating
  • Slope
  • Retaining walls
  • Soil Classification
  • Lot shape

Developers are likely to reduce the land price if the lot contains one of these features. The reason that they do this is because they know that when the home is eventually built, there will be additional works/materials/inclusions required in order for the application to be approved.

 For sale: Lot 1421 The Gables, Old Pitt Town Road, Box Hill, NSW For sale: Lot 1421 The Gables, Old Pitt Town Road, Box Hill, NSW

What do I do if I want to build a custom design?

If you have an oddly shaped block or if you have your own ideas for your new home then there are ways that you can save by going with a custom builder.

  • Keep the dwelling as close to a rectangle shape as possible. The more simple the building line, the cheaper the build.
  • If you’re building a double storey home, keep the second storey in line with the ground floor. Making sure that there are supporting walls below your first floor can save you thousands on beams and other structural support.
  • Think about the placement of your wet areas. When all of your wet areas are strategically placed closely together, fewer pipes are required. A simple step but it will save you money.

 For sale: 31 Setaria Street, Marsden Park, NSW For sale: 31 Setaria Street, Marsden Park, NSW

Leave stuff for after handover

Turnkey packages can be super convenient but things like landscaping, decking and fencing do add significant costs when organised through a builder. Plants, pebbles and grass definitely add that finishing touch to the outside of your home. However, your home is still perfectly functional without this pretty stuff on the outside.

If you’re tight on budget, consider leaving the landscaping until after handover. It’s even worth considering embracing your green thumb and working on your lawns and garden over time on the weekends. Doing it yourself will save heaps of money and might even turn out to be a fun family and friend activity!

 For sale: 5 Putland Street, Riverstone, NSW For sale: 5 Putland Street, Riverstone, NSW

Don’t forget to talk to your builder. Your builder will be able to highlight where any added costs are coming from and should also be able to suggest how to bring the cost down (even just a little bit, better the money in your pocket!).

For more advice on building a new home have a look at six steps to find the right builder, the hidden costs of building and the pros and cons of building a new home.

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Daniel Simone

Daniel Simone is the General Manager of Simone Homes. He believes the foundation of every family is the home and is passionate about building them. Proudly family owned and operated, the team at Simone Homes have been building bespoke homes for over 35 years. Follow Simone Homes on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Thankyou for the information, to save money when build a new home is important. When you spent little cost for a new home, the budget will be to buy interior. Making plan and using architect for construction is the fist to do

  2. I love how you mentioned how important it is to talk to your builders. Sometimes, it’s easy to be taken aback when the bids come in. However, if you talk with your builder and budget with them, it can be a relief.


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