6 steps to find the right builder

Daniel Simone
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As much as it bothers me to say there are still so many people these days choosing the wrong builder. Every time I hear someone’s story about how they’re unsatisfied with their choice of builder it makes my blood boil. For this reason I have come up with six clever steps to ensure you choose the right builder for you.

 (Image: Simone Homes ) (Image: Simone Homes )

6 steps to finding the right builder:

Step 1. Listening. Does you builder listen to what you have to say? Or are they always taking over you and brushing past or dismissing your ideas? How are you supposed to build your dream home if they’re not listening to you and your needs? Unfortunately this can be the case with many builders, so make sure your thoughts and concerns are heard and factored into your build.

Step 2. Likeable and trustworthy. Sometimes you just have to follow your gut instinct when it comes to making important decisions, and finding a builder is no different. Ask yourself if you really know, like and trust them 100 per cent to handle such a big life changing purchase and project. It’s so important to feel comfortable with your choice so you can easily approach them if any issues crop up. Put building your house aside for a minute and find out if you have anything in common with them. Are you able to form a different kind of relationship with them aside from a client/builder one? This is something to consider as you’ll be spending a lot of time with them and you don’t want to deal with someone that doesn’t click with and understand you and your family.

Step 3. Licensed. This is an obvious point but can be easily overlooked. A quick check online can give you piece of mind that the builder you’re going with is fully licensed, but make sure you do this check before it’s too late!

Step 4. Pricing. Remember it’s not always about which builder is cheaper or the most expensive, it’s about finding the builder that ticks all the boxes. If this builder does tick your budget box then finding a builder that can commit to a fixed price contract is the way to go to help you stay within your budget and avoid nasty hidden surprise expenses.

Step 5. Design. Are you happy with the design of the house, is it going to be a family home or an entertainers dream? Are you happy with the size, do you plan to expand your family and therefore you’ll need more space down the track? Are you wanting to downsize and live in a smaller more manageable space? Are you happy with the layout, garage size, alfresco area, the positioning of rooms and do you prefer open plan living etc.? These are all points to consider when choosing a builder and whether they have a floor plan that suits your needs in a home.

Step 6. Research and more research. Nowadays information is so accessible to us that with a click of a button we are able to gather as much information as we need. So jumping online to research your builder either through social media, customer testimonials on their homepage, productreview.com.au or a simple Google search are the best ways to find out what people really think about the builder and whether or not others have been happy with their choice. So I really encourage you to RESEARCH your builder and read up on reviews of past clients before giving them the go ahead!

Remember building a new home will be one of the biggest decisions you make in your life so don’t allow the wrong choice of builder keep you from realising your dream home.

Daniel Simone

Daniel Simone is the General Manager of Simone Homes. He believes the foundation of every family is the home and is passionate about building them. Proudly family owned and operated, the team at Simone Homes have been building bespoke homes for over 35 years. Follow Simone Homes on Facebook and Instagram.

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That would be great! I really agree that "As much as it bothers me to say there are still so many people these days choosing the wrong builder." Thanks so much for all those wonderful ideas. Much appreciated.


So true, yet most people are just looking at Step 4 Price. There is just some much more to picking a great builder.


You know, I never thought of checking the licensing of a contractor or builder! I kind of just assume that whoever I hire has all the proper licensing. I should be more careful about that if I’m going to have a house built!

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