6 steps to a sweet ensuite addition

Clarissa Dimitroff
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An ensuite is a dream for many homeowners. Especially those with kids or who frequently have guests to stay.

An ensuite can be a fantastic addition to the master bedroom, the kid’s section of the home, and to a guest room. This separate bathroom allows its users to have privacy and less stress by easing morning bathroom congestion.

So, how can you achieve your ideal ensuite addition? These steps will help you get started.

 For sale: 32 Thompson Street, Drymmoyne, NSW For sale: 32 Thompson Street, Drymmoyne, NSW

1. Find the space.

First things first, where will your new ensuite go? An increasingly popular choice we see homeowners making is to convert their existing walk-in-robe into an additional bathroom. People are finding that they don’t need all the space in their walk-in-robes and would much prefer an ensuite instead.

If you don’t have a WIR but you’re lucky enough to have a large bedroom, you can consider sectioning off a portion to create a new ensuite. The great thing about an ensuite is that it is a smaller bathroom, so you have more flexibility about where you can achieve this addition.

For bedrooms and potential ensuite locations that are underground, a product from Saniflo can easily connect you to sewerage and water mains, without the need for major disruption to your home and plumbing.

2. Select your style.

When planning your ensuite addition, remember to keep your own personal style and the style of your home in mind. It’s a good idea to ensure your rooms compliment each other in order to ensure the addition is as seamless as possible and to maximise the value of your home if you’re looking to sell down the track.

There are many ways to make sure your home’s style is coherent throughout. For example, the types of ceiling lights, cupboard handles, doors, wall colours, and even your towels and accessories all contribute to creating cohesive links between your new and old spaces.

 For sale: 14 Adrian Place, Balgowlah Heights, NSW For sale: 14 Adrian Place, Balgowlah Heights, NSW

3. Tailor it to suit you.

Depending on whether your ensuite is for you, your kids or elderly relatives you’ll be able to determine what the new bathroom needs to consist of. Consider installing features that are multigenerational, especially if your ensuite will be attached to a guest space as this will ensure your new room can be used by all and will once again add value if you’re looking to sell.

A big selling point for many parents and adults alike is a bathtub for the little ones! If you have space, it is definitely worth considering installing a bathtub in your new ensuite. A trend that we’re seeing at the moment is standalone bathtubs, with many beautiful styles to choose from to suit your preferences and Saniflo’s Sanivite to make it possible!

 For sale: 39 Tavistock Street, Drummoyne, NSW For sale: 39 Tavistock Street, Drummoyne, NSW

4. Hire the right tradespeople.

When embarking on home improvement projects, it’s important to make sure you have the right team behind you. For your ensuite addition, you’ll want to hire the best plumber, carpenter, painter and possibly even a bathroom designer for the job.

When you’re looking for tradespeople, it’s a good idea to hire people who are specialised in that particular area and skillset. For example, you’ll want a designer who has created small bathrooms before, a painter who knows the correct water-proof paint to use, a carpenter who can create a tailored benchtop if needed and a plumber who is equipped for all of the additions that you need! If you’re using a product like a Saniflo pump, make sure you hire a plumber who has worked with their products before.

Always check references and a photo gallery of their previous work before hiring a trade, to ensure that they’re up to scratch for what you want to achieve in your new ensuite.

5. Remember all the little things.

It’s easy to forget the little things when planning your ensuite, so make sure you have a checklist of absolutely everything you want to be included before you begin construction! To help you get started, we created a bathroom renovation checklist, which you can see here. Our number one tip is to create a comprehensive list that includes everything you need, even the items that you think you might not need!

 For sale: 25 Riddell Parade, Elsternwick, VIC For sale: 25 Riddell Parade, Elsternwick, VIC

6. Enjoy!

Now that your beautiful new space is complete, you can sit back, relax and enjoy. If you’re lucky enough to have had space for a bathtub, I highly recommend installing a wooden bath caddy to hold your book or iPad, a couple of candles and a glass of wine or a soothing cup of tea. Pure bliss!

For more tips to get your ensuite addition right take a look at these 10 ideas to maximise bathroom space, sophisticated tile trends set to be big in 2018 and four super cool bathroom appliances.

Clarissa Dimitroff
Clarissa Dimitroff writes for Saniflo Australia. For over 50 years, Saniflo’s goal has been to allow anyone to easily install bathroom fixtures, laundry rooms and kitchens anywhere and without any major work. As the French inventor of the famous macerating systems, today Saniflo is among the top companies worldwide in bathroom fixtures. Synonymous with quality and technical expertise, Saniflo’s made in France products comply with the strictest requirements and consistently meet customer expectations. Saniflo has been in Australia since 1988 and continues to be the market leader in commercial and residential macerating pump technology.

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