6 sophisticated tile trends set to be big in 2018

Kate Fuller
5 min read

Tiles have are such a hot fashion item in home interior design these days that we constantly find ourselves looking forward in anticipation trying to predict which new trends will endure, especially if renovating is on the cards in the new year.

 46a Regent Street, Elsternwick, VIC 46a Regent Street, Elsternwick, VIC

As with all tile trend movements, we find they normally begin slowly with our designers being the first to jump on board. Once customers see how wonderful new products look in finished rooms the trend expands quickly and we start to see an influx of new tile products.

We’re currently experiencing glimpses of brand new tile designs and colours currently increasing in popularity that we predict will be big in 2018.

 For sale: 548 Macaulay Road, Kensington, VIC For sale: 548 Macaulay Road, Kensington, VIC


This vintage beauty will make a comeback in 2018 mainly because of its characteristic rich warm hues and irresistible handmade qualities.

Terracotta is a natural material that is available in a variety of tones from rich reds to softer peachy colours. It’s important to note that terracotta is a product that can vary in thickness, size and colour but these imperfections are all part of its natural appeal.

 For sale: 5 Northview Road, Palm Beach, NSW For sale: 5 Northview Road, Palm Beach, NSW

There is no limit as to where it can be used and large areas in these warm earthy tones will be an attractive option in the coming year. In terms of format, the new trends call for an updated version of the traditional square shape. Think long and sleek, hexagon or for somethin unique go for a lantern shape.

 Perini Tiles- Terracotta Prato Perini Tiles- Terracotta Prato


There’s something very special about the look and feel of a product made by hand. Nothing quite beats the unique tactile and ‘imperfect’ qualities that exist in each individual tile and our love for them will peak over the next year.

 For sale: 31 Loma Street, Cottesloe, WA For sale: 31 Loma Street, Cottesloe, WA

We have seen this trend increasing in popularity in the past but we are now starting to see a larger variety of handmade tiles on offer. The trend is so admired that an increase in the production of handmade ‘look’ products has evolved making this style not only more affordable but also a very attractive option for a broader market of renovators and builders.

 Perini Tiles- Handmade ‘Look’ Render collection Perini Tiles- Handmade ‘Look’ Render collection

Earthy tones

Earthy muted tones will be popular in the new year with signs of this trend already starting to appear. These brown, green and tan tones are so easy to work with and provide the perfect opportunity to add subtle colour to the ever-popular grey, charcoal and brown tiles that continue to prevail.

 For sale: 4 Washington Street, Toorak, VIC For sale: 4 Washington Street, Toorak, VIC

Using these muted hues in combination with other neutrals is an effective way to add interest without committing to too much colour.

 For sale: 26 She Oak Crescent, Fairhaven, VIC For sale: 26 She Oak Crescent, Fairhaven, VIC

Blingy features

New tile collections in gold, copper and silver colours have begun to filter into our showroom and the response is positive. This new trend speaks to the marketplace’s readiness for bold and unique tile colours and designs. We have already witnessed gorgeous metallic colour trends in women’s fashion, bathroom tapware, homewares and furniture so it comes as no real surprise to see our tiles dipped in these shimmery tones.

 Perini Tiles- Chrysos collection Perini Tiles- Chrysos collection

Adding a feature wall with some bling sets a sophisticated tone and not to mention creates some serious luxe-factor in a bathroom, kitchen or living room. It creates a brilliant effect and is a welcome alternative to bold coloured tiles.

 For sale: 33 Saunders Street, Mosman Park, WA For sale: 33 Saunders Street, Mosman Park, WA


We have seen an emergence of terrazzo tiles over the recent past and this style of tile will continue to be one of our most popular and active over the next year. It’s easy to see why terrazzo has become a favourite with our customers as it undoubtedly exudes an irresistible statement of style and versatility.

New terrazzo colours and impressive patterns will become available next year to keep up with the strong demand and to keep the interest level high. The production of terrazzo ‘look’ tiles are on the increase and are perfect for customers wanting a more low maintenance option but desire terrazzo’s unique aesthetics.

 For sale: 12 Mirams Street, Ascot Vale, VIC For sale: 12 Mirams Street, Ascot Vale, VIC

Marble in pink, green & blue

It’s hard to beat the beautiful tones and natural variations of traditional marbles such as Carrara and Calacutta. It is a timeless look that many of our customers choose as their first preference. The new year will see this marble trend continue but will also offer natural stones in soft green, blue and pink marbles. This look is perfect for those wanting to create a point of difference and introduce subtle colour to a classic stone.

 5/5 Jenkins Street, Collaroy, NSW 5/5 Jenkins Street, Collaroy, NSW

For more tiling inspo take a look at six bathroom tile designs we’re obsessed with and the tile trends you’ll see a lot more of in 2017.

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Kate Fuller
Kate Fuller is the Marketing Manager and Product Developer for Melbourne’s most popular boutique tile showroom Perini Tiles. Perini is a family owned business that has been around for over 40 years. With so many years and experience in the business, we have a pretty good sense of what is passing fad and what is a meaningful and innovative trend. When you work with Perini you get a professional partner with the highest standards to achieve outstanding results.

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