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Property investment

How to invest in property

When you’re starting out as a property investor knowing where to begin can be a daunting task. So, we’ve outlined the specific ins and outs you need to know before buying an investment.

Investment property tax

From negative gearing to land tax to capital gains, here’s everything property investors need to know to successfully navigate Australia’s complex property tax laws.

Landlord guide

Once you’ve found and purchased your investment property the real work begins when you lease it out and become a landlord. Here are our guides to finding a good property manager, securing tenants and making your property attractive to renters.

How to increase the appeal of your rental property

When you decide to rent out your house, investment property or holiday rental, the goal is simple – to secure a good tenant, quickly....

What factors make for long-term property investment success?

If only we had bought more property 20 years ago! With the benefit of hindsight, we all look at historical property prices and wish...

How to find the right manager for your investment property

How well is your investment property being managed? The quality of service your property manager (PM) provides can significantly impact your investment experience. Problematic...

Build your nest egg: Tips to find a good investment property

Taking a leap of faith onto the property ladder is one thing. But how do you know that the house you're interested in is...

Should I make my investment property dog-friendly? The pros & cons

As much as bringing a four-legged friend to a rental is most investor’s nightmare, dog-friendly properties are a smart investment and one that’s rapidly...

The best value-adding opportunities for an investment property

When you purchase an investment property, the whole ball game changes in terms of your renovation budget and strategy. You’re forced to pull back...