Moving and packing survival kit

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4 min readUprooting your life and moving all your appliances, furniture, clothes, kitchenware and valuables can be a daunting and anxious task to say the least.

Depending on the distance and scale of your move you may opt to hire a team of professionals, enlist your most helpful friends or tackle the move yourself.

Regardless of how or where you’re moving, careful planning and preparation is key to minimising stress and making it as efficient and smooth a transition as possible.

Here are 15 essentials you’ll need to successfully relocate and survive moving day.

1. Moving gear. It is best to rent or buy sturdy boxes from your local self-storage retailer. Uniform sized boxes are easier to stack and organise. Other things you will need include permanent markers, duct tape, bubble wrap, packing blankets, and even consider hiring a hand trolley to help with shifting the heavier boxes to save your back and arms from injury.

2. A first aid kit. Moving heavy objects and furniture can easily result in a few strained muscles, splinters and scrapes. Be prepared by packing a basic first aid kit with Band-Aids, ice packs, antiseptic wipes, tweezers and paracetamol tablets.       

3. An ‘open first box’. In a clearly labelled ‘open first box’ place all the essentials you’ll need to be comfortable on the first couple of nights before you’re fully unpacked and settled in. Add your phone charger, a pillow, sheets, wash bag, toilet paper, hair dryer, a towel, a change of clothes, sleepwear, underwear, a set of crockery, some cookware and any other necessities you can’t live without.

4. Cash and credit card. Check with your moving company whether you need to pay the driver and moving team in cash on the day or if you can use your credit card. If they need cash in hand make sure you have the right amount so you don’t have to do a last minute ATM run.

5. Portable tool kit. Bring a travel sized tool kit along as you never know when a hammer, scissors, Allen key, screwdriver and pliers may come in handy when moving furniture.

6. A checklist and pen. Get organised by preparing a list of all the tasks to be completed before, during and after moving day. Also make an inventory of the items that will be moved room by room and number or colour code your boxes. If you hire movers they will often help you prepare an inventory as a part of the service.

7. Moving apps. If you’re handling the move yourself there are a number of great moving apps to try, like Sortly, MoveMatch, Home Move Pro and Moving Van. These apps can help you make comprehensive checklists, give you handy moving tips, help calculate how much the move will cost and even keep track of every box and their contents using QR code labels.

 Sortly   Sortly

8. A radio or iPod dock. Stay motivated throughout the day by making your move a bit more fun with an upbeat playlist or tuning in to your favourite radio station.

9. Snacks. Take treats to keep yourself and moving team happy and motivated. Grab treats that don’t require utensils or refrigeration like muesli bars, tea bags, instant coffee, long life milk, bananas, biscuits, and lollies.

10. Cleaning supplies. Moving can be messy work. So once the movers are done make sure you have a broom and dustpan, paper towels, mop and bucket, multi purpose cleaners, rags, dish soap and glass cleaner close at hand to begin the clean up.

11. Sunscreen. You’ll probably be spending a lot of time outside running back and forth from the moving truck so be sure to slip, slop and slap.

12. Water bottle. Moving can be strenuous and thirsty work so make sure you stay hydrated on the day.

13. A torch and matches. Pack a torch, candles and matches in case of a power outage or to use if your gas stove won’t light.

14. A bottle of bubbly. Put your feet up and pop the champagne to celebrate your move and reward your moving buddies with a well deserved drink.

15. Don’t forget the keys! You won’t get very far without the keys to your new place or car. It can be a good idea to keep these on a lanyard around your neck on moving day so they don’t get misplaced.

Packing and moving can be a tedious and time-consuming process, so keep these 15 essentials in mind to have an easier and happier move.

Happy house hunting!

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