Security tips for moving house

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4 min readMoving into your new home can be a very exciting but also stressful time. With so many things to organise, the last thing you want to worry about is theft of your belongings. Here are some tips and tricks that can help make your moving journey a safe and secure one.

Before the move

There are a few things you can do before moving day to minimise the risk of any security problems arising. All it takes is some time, maybe a trip to the hardware store or talking to a professional.

Research your moving company

If you’re going to hire a moving company, do your research! Check out customer reviews, and see if there are any complaints with your local Department of Fair Trading. Call the company and make sure they’re insured, and whether they have restrictions on what goods they can carry. Some moving companies may not be allowed to transport high value items such as antiques, art or jewellery.

Check the windows and doors

See if you can do a quick inspection of your new place and check that all windows and exterior doors can lock. This includes any sliding doors. If any are missing locks or the locks don’t work head to your local hardware store and grab what you need to fix them.

If you’re renting, alert the landlord or property agent as soon as possible. Generally, it’s the leasing agent or landlord’s responsibility to ensure that all windows and exterior doors can lock before a new tenant moves in.

Burglars look for the opportune moment to steal, and an open or unlocked door or window is their perfect entry point. If they can see that an easy entry point isn’t lockable, what’s to stop them from coming back to steal more?

Close your blinds

Not only do you not want to advertise to the world that you’re moving into the recently vacant dwelling, you certainly don’t want to advertise that you’re moving out of your current residence. Keep your blinds closed while packing boxes, and don’t leave any right next to the window in plain sight.

Make fixes before moving

If you plan on having any work done at your new place, have the trades come in before you move in. Not only does that mean all the messy work is done before you move house, but your home has nothing in it to steal when strangers are coming in and out.

Moving day

Moving day will be the time that you can’t have eyes on all your things at once. But if you keep the next few things in mind your move will happen more smoothly.

Talk to strata

If you’re in a strata plan, make sure you alert strata whether you’re moving in or out of the premises. They may have requirements about where moving trucks can go, or times when you can move. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with your stuff on the footpath and no ability to move house because your strata wasn’t aware you were moving.

Don’t leave boxes unsupervised

Unattended boxes (and even parcels) are a golden opportunity for anyone to walk up, grab them and leave. Leaving your appliances and boxes unattended while you drop items off gives an excellent opportunity for someone to grab what they want unnoticed. Always have someone outside supervising and keeping an eye on your stuff.

Once you’re done unpacking, you’ll probably have a mountain of boxes to deal with. It may be the easier to put them in the recycling bin, but most likely you’ll have too many to dispose of all at once. Boxes that are easily visible from a bin, whether they’re packing boxes or the box from the swanky new TV you just bought, are one of the signs burglars use to alert them of potentially valuable targets. You’re better off disposing of your boxes off site, such as at a local recycling centre.

After the move

You’ve moved in and you’re finally starting to settle in. So what’s next? There are a few things you can do to make the final stages of your move more secure.

Change your locks

Do you really know if you have all the key copies to your new home? No one can be absolutely certain. That’s why it’s a smart idea to change your locks as soon as you move in – ideally the day you move in.

This can be tricky if you’re renting as your landlord or rental agent needs a copy of the keys for inspections and emergencies. It doesn’t hurt to ask them if you can change the locks. Explain to them this is for security purposes, and of course give them a copy of the new keys. Again, it’s the responsibility of the landlord or rental agent to ensure that the property you’re renting is safe. While they are not obliged to change the locks on your request, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Install a home alarm system

Having an alarm system is an easy way to keep an eye on your home while you’re there or away. Having motion triggered lights and cameras would deter anyone considering breaking in. It’s best to have a professional consultation and installation of this type of system. If you’re just looking for an alarm that makes noise and isn’t capable of monitoring, the DIY route is worth a go.

Security systems aren’t just for home owners. Professional security installers are a renter’s friend, because they know the exact systems that work best for units that won’t cause any significant damage. Plus, modern systems are easily transferable from one property to the next.

Moving home is already hard work. Why make it harder on yourself by not being smart about security? Follow these tips to help make your next big move much easier and less stressful while ensuring your security from the very beginning of your new home life.

For more handy advice on moving check out our moving house survival kit and this week by week moving prep checklist.

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Clementine Holman

Clementine Holman is the Marketing Director for Total Integrated Security. Total Integrated Security supplies and installs a wide variety of security systems, Smart Home systems, and CCTV to residential, small business, and commercial clients.

Total Integrated security has partnered with to bring Smart Home and connected Security innovation to Australia. has been in the Smart Home and Smart Security industry since 2000, and is now one of America’s leading providers in Smart Home and security systems technology, with over 2.7 million users worldwide.

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