Energy saving tips for share houses

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Whether you love or loathe your housemates, there’s one thing everyone can agree on when living in a share house: bills are no fun.

Below are some simple ways to lower your household energy usage and save money on your next energy bill.

Five simple energy saving tips for your share house

Cook meals together

Cooking up a communal storm means you’ll only need to use the oven, microwave or gas stove for one meal, rather than multiple ones. Aim to eat together one or two nights per week. Not only is this a cost-effective way to save on energy, but you’ll also save on groceries too!

energy saving tips share house cooking

Use the dishwasher

Believe it or not – using a dishwasher is more water and energy-efficient than hand-washing your dishes. If you have multiple people living under one roof, try and wash your dishes at the same time through a modern dishwasher to cut energy consumption in your kitchen. The higher the energy star rating of your unit, the more you could save.

Choose energy-efficient appliances

That second-hand fridge may seem like a bargain, but make sure you check the energy rating before carting it home. There’s no point buying a cheap appliance if it’s going to burn through electricity. Look for energy-efficient appliances with an energy star rating of three or more.

energy saving tips share house dishwasher eco

Use cold water when washing clothes

In most cases, a cold wash is enough to keep your clothes fresh and clean. Make sure you’re always putting on a full load rather than a half one – as anyone who lives in a share house knows, there’s never a shortage of dirty clothes. Additionally, using a detergent that’s specifically designed for cold washes will produce better results.

If you’re going to be sharing washing, it can be worth creating a laundry roster or utilising an app with your housemates to make sure everyone is doing their fair share.

Only use the dryer in emergencies

It’s tempting to blast the dryer in winter and when you’re running late or can’t be bothered hanging your clothes up, but this will use a lot more energy than letting them dry on the line. Hang your wet clothes at the start of the day before you go to work so they have all day to dry, rather than hanging them the night before.

share house energy saving advice laundry airer

Rug up

Using heaters can bump up your energy bill if you leave them going at all hours of the day. Sometimes all you need to do to warm up is pop on an extra layer or two or fill up a hot water bottle. Using an electric blanket at night is around 16 times cheaper than using a heater too – perfect for keeping toasty on a budget.

You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to save on energy when in a share house. The trick is to do things together, rather than separately. From cooking to cleaning, rosters are a great way to share the responsibility, and eating meals together can be a great way to catch up and de-stress.

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Graham Cooke
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  1. Reducing shower time is a huge saving for a share house and makes it well worth cutting down on those ‘vanity minutes’. You can buy a timer that everyone can use to monitor your shower time.


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