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Renting guide

How to rent a home

Looking for your first rental property? We’ll talk you through how to fill in your rental application, check a condition report, make repair requests and when it’s time to move on, ace the vacate clean.

Shared accommodation

When it comes to share house harmony it’s important to set ground rules around communal spaces, chores, money and guests from the outset. If you’re having any concerns or issues living with housemates, here is your share house survival guide.

Tenants rights guide

As a tenant, you can't afford to be unaware of your rights when it comes to your rental property. Here’s what you need to know about fixed term lease agreements, urgent repairs, sub-letting, the right to keep a pet and getting your bond back.

How much could you save by negotiating lower rent?

If you’re in the market to move into a new rental property, then money (and how you can save it) has probably been on...

A renter’s guide to safeguarding their bond

Whether you’re finally ditching the flatmates for your very own studio apartment or you’ve just purchased your first starter home, attempting to get your...

Housemates behaving badly: 3 money troubles solved

Love. Hate. Hate. Love. Whether you’ve just moved in with your BFF or found yourself a housemate, living with another person can be the...

Rental rights every tenant should know about

Life as an independent adult is tough, but it gets even tougher and trickier if you’re living in someone else’s property as a renter. Besides...

4 great apps for keeping the peace in your share house

At some point we all come across a bad roommate or housemate who always ‘conveniently’ forgets to buy milk, perpetually doesn’t have cash on...

How to ace your rental application

Trying to find a rental property can be exciting, stressful, exhausting and just down right hard work at times. If zig zagging all over...