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Larissa Gardner
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It’s crucial that your professional biography conveys the right message because it’s where potential clients form their first impression of you.

You only get one shot at a first impression after all, and if you want your bio to bring in new business there are key features you need to include to both attract and engage clients.

 When rewriting or drafting your bio remember your aim is twofold:

  1. To build trust with clients,

  2. and promote the unique ‘value-adding’ skills you bring to the table.

Here are our five tips on how to craft an outstanding agent bio.

Keep it fresh

The start of a new work year is the perfect time to review and update your bio. Include your credentials, latest achievements, awards and any new skills you’ve developed.

Aim to revisit and revise your bio every six to 12 months to make sure it is current and tracks your professional progress.

A word of caution- Avoid coming across as immodest by selecting just three of your greatest career achievements to date to include. Clients can easily be put off by overly boastful and advertisey agent bios. They want to know you as a real person and how you’re equipped to help them.

Don’t forget to upload the revised version to your company website, professional social media accounts, marketing materials and property portals.

Showcase skills & professionalism

Be sure to describe how you’ve developed certain skills (e.g. negotiating, a second language or auctioneering) or specialty areas (in a particular suburb or type of property) to show potential clients your value and exactly how you’ll support their real estate needs.

Feature a headshot alongside your bio so potential clients can visually connect with you by putting a friendly face to a name. If you haven’t already, hire a professional photographer to get a well-lit and high-quality result that will enhance your credibility and professionalism further.

Go that extra mile to engage clients by making a video bio to illustrate your tech savviness and authenticity. A video allows you to provide a clearer snapshot of your personality, passion for the role and work ethic than a written bio ever could.

A personal touch

A great way to generate leads and stand out from the competition with your bio is to create a connection with clients on a more personal level. Use one to three sentences to give clients a sense of your personality, passions and to depict what kind of person you are.

This could relate to your family life, what drew you into the real estate industry, how long you’ve lived in the area (to highlight your local expertise), hobbies, community service or whatever piece of yourself you think your target market would appreciate and relate to best.

You want to establish yourself as a hardworking, honest and real person who can relate to clients’ wants and needs, so adding a personal touch to your bio is a must. 

A call to action

Towards the end of your excellent bio you want to provide somewhere for clients to go if they’re hungry for more information about you. Add in your contact details (office address, phone number and email), links to the professional social pages you’re active on and client testimonials. This way they can get in touch easily straight away or connect with you online and come back to you when they’re in need of your services.

Posing questions like ‘Do you have a query about a location I can answer?’ or ‘Would you like a free appraisal?’, also help to prompt potential clients to engage with you beyond your bio.

Carefully edit & proofread

We’re firm believers that the best agent bio is a short agent bio. So, carefully edit your bio to make it as succinct and easy to read as possible. Between 250 and 400 words, no more than four paragraphs is a good target lengthwise. You want your bio to be something that can be breezed through in about a minute.

You don’t want your accomplishments and skills to be overshadowed by spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. These kinds of blunders point to a lack of attention to detail and professionalism. No client wants these kinds of errors in the marketing materials of their most important asset, so triple check that the text is correct before publishing. Check for mistakes using spell check, by reading it out loud and having a friend or colleague proofread it for you.

What to include in an agent bio summary-

  • Credentials & up to three accomplishments.

  • Special skills & experience.

  • A hint of personality.

  • A professional headshot or video bio.

  • Call to action & contact details.

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