Agent text messaging 101: What to say and when to say it

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Increasingly text messaging is becoming the preferred form of communication between real estate agents, property managers and their clients.

The main advantages of text messaging over phone calls is that it gives you a minute to consider your responses, you can refer back to past conversations and you can send images, videos, automated appointment reminders and website links to clients on the go.

Think of how difficult it used to be before smartphones, where for example if a client was lost on the way to your inspection you had to laboriously give them directions over the phone whilst missing out on chatting to other prospects in person. Nowadays you can just text them the address or the Google Maps link and GPS will do all the hard work for you.

To save time when responding or reaching out to clients we recommend having the following text messaging scripts saved to your phone so you have the right words at your fingertips. That way even if you’re in a rush you’ll have a professional, clear and courteous text message response saved and ready to go.

Example go-to texts for clients:

When you’re busy-

‘Hi [name], I’m currently with a client. May I call you back on this number in ten minutes?’ 

When you need to have a conversation over the phone-

‘Hi [name], I’ve got the [buyer’s/seller’s] response. Please call me when you get this.’

 When you’re late-

‘Hi [name]. My apologies I’m running 10 minutes late. Can you still meet?’ 

When you can’t make an appointment-

‘Hi [name], apologies I need to reschedule. Are you free tomorrow?’

 When your client is a no show-

‘Hi [name], I’m at [property address/ office address]. Are we still on for today at 11:30am?’

Follow ups:

Text message enquiries

E.g. 1- Client: ‘I’m interested in the home you have for sale at 456 Drury Lane. When can I see it?’

Agent: ‘Hi [name]. I’ll be free in about an hour/ tomorrow at 1pm. Does that work for you?’


Agent: ‘Hi [name]. 456 Drury Lane will be open for inspection this Saturday from 12pm. I look forward to meeting you there.’

E.g. 2- Client: ‘How much is the home at 456 Drury Lane?’

Agent: ‘Hi [name], glad to hear you like that one! I have the list price. Are you free for a chat?’

E.g. 3- Client: ‘Can you give me an update on selling my house?’

Agent: ‘Hi [name], I’d love to catch you up. Are you free to talk in ten minutes?’

E.g. 4:- Client: ‘I’d like to accept the offer. Can I accept it right away?’

Agent: ‘Hi [name], let’s make sure it’s as good as it sounds. Are you free to talk in five minutes?’

Web enquiry

‘Hi [name]. This is [agent name] from [company]. Thanks for getting in touch on [Homely]. Do you have a moment to chat?’

Quick professional text messaging rules:

  • Don’t use abbreviations like OMW (on my way), 2moro (tomorrow), POV (point of view) or LMK (let me know) where possible. This can be frustrating and confusing to clients that aren’t savvy to all the short form abbreviations of texting lingo.

  • Text messages are great and everything, but sometimes talking with someone over the phone is a more efficient and personal means of communication. So don’t limit yourself to texting with clients only.

  • Avoid using one word responses as they can come across as blunt and unfriendly as the recipient doesn’t have your tone of voice or facial cues to draw more information from as you do when communicating face to face. This is where your saved draft messages will come in handy.

  • It’s good etiquette to include your name in the first text message you send to somebody or if you haven’t been in touch for a while.

  • Bad news (like you were outbid or the sale fell through) is best communicated in person or over the phone.

  • Confidential information is best communicated via email or by hand.

The savviest real estate agents have the text messages they frequently use drafted and ready to send out to ensure they communicate professionally and more efficiently with their prospects and existing clients.

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