5 things for agents to do before 2018

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With just a handful of sleeps to go the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on. Hooray!

While we’re all looking forward to celebrating with family and friends and maybe taking some time off for R&R, it’s important not to check out completely at this time of year and make the most of the valuable last few days spent in the office.

Here’s our to-do list to make sure you’re prepared to put your best foot forward at work in 2018.

1. Get into the festive spirit.

Schedule a festive message to be sent out to everyone on your client database and on your professional social media channels over the Christmas and New Year break. Better yet, for those extra special vendors or buyers that have recently moved into their new home send a Christmassy housewarming gift with a personal note thanking them for their business and wishing them all the best for 2018.

Pass out small tokens of appreciation at the office to wish your colleagues a Merry Christmas like candy canes, mini puddings, chocolates or bottles of wine. Also, consider giving a larger gift to anyone that was instrumental to your success in 2017, i.e. an old client who referred business several times or a particularly hard-working assistant at the office. 

2. Declutter your workspace.

Let go of all the papers, outdated open house flyers and forms that have been cluttering up your desk, filing cabinet and maybe even your car boot for months. That way you’ll return to your organised workspace ready to start fresh and fill them with new opportunities and business in the new year.

This also applies to your digital workspace. Delete files, text messages and emails you no longer need, organise your desktop, documents and images into monthly folders and a 2017 folder that you can easily refer back to at a later date if need be. It would be a shame to lose any of your hard work so back up all your important documents, images and contacts accumulated throughout the year onto a safe external hard drive or cloud storage solution.

3. Review & reflect.

Review the goals you set at the start or middle of the year and see how many you achieved, and what ones you need to revise and perhaps rollover to include in your 2018 objectives. Ask yourself ‘What single achievement am I most proud of?’, ‘What new skills did I learn?’, ‘What do I want to spend more time on in 2018?’ and ‘What is my number one career goal for 2018?’ to get started.

Note down your strengths and weaknesses to identify any areas you want to work on in the new year. Seek out and book courses, seminars and industry events that’ll further your professional development. Reflecting on your wins and losses is an important step to help clarify all the good things you’ve done in 2017 and also the areas you need to focus on to further your success in 2018.

4. Think ahead.

As a typically quieter time of year in the real estate cycle, December can be a good opportunity to take care of those dreary admin tasks you put off in busier times. Update your professional headshot, client testimonials, your personal website or blog, your LinkedIn skills and professional biography. Include the new skills you’ve developed and all your achievements and accolades received from the past year. Order new business cards, your branded 2018 calendar magnets to letterbox drop and any other marketing materials that need a refresh.

 Image: Clever Trade Products
Image: Clever Trade Products

5. Schedule some me time.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it can also be a draining and stressful one, between wrapping up everything at work, looking after the kids and getting all the Christmas shopping done. So, whether it’s a night at the movies, reading a book, taking a bush hike or a yoga class, set aside some time to unwind and recharge on your own. You know what works best for you.

Also, make your health and appearance a priority. Book in a check-up with your GP and dentist. Get a haircut, book a massage and spring for that new power suit. Go on, you’ve earnt it! By taking some time out to just focus on yourself you can ensure you welcome the new year revitalised, fit and ready to perform at your peak.

With just a little bit of planning and foresight now you’ll be able to switch off and enjoy your Christmas break safe in the knowledge that you’re prepared and well equipped to achieve bigger and better things in the new year.

For more things to do before the Christmas shut down check out our marketing ideas to get ahead this holiday season and ways to show appreciation to clients.

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